Conventional classical wood kiln

A classical wood kiln is widely used and is suitable for all sorts of wood. Inside the chamber the wood is at a standstill but the climate is changing according to a precisely defined regime for each kind and thickness of wood in the chamber.

Wood is dried at the highest admissible temperature and with the right airflow so that it can be dried in the shortest possible time span. The temperature, the air circulation, the moisturing and the drying regime are dependent on the kind and on the thickness of wood. The whole wood drying process is led and controlled from the beginning to the end by the dTouch or Delphi controller, which has programs at its disposal for drying 80 different types of wood. The controller can be connected with your PC. The drying facility can be either built of bricks or completely made out of AL.


Build construction

The walls of the dryer are built with bricks and are insulated with 5 cm thick panel plates.

The interior of the building is interfered with concrete mortar without added lime. The walls are stained and painted with a special color that is resistant to temperature, acids and moisture that are created during the drying process of wood. The construction of the intermediate ceiling, fans and heaters is attached to the building.


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