Wood drying kilns parts

Controllers dTouch or Delphi

A microprocessor controlling equipment takes care of the whole wood drying procedure in a reliable way. Their highlights are a high quality and an extremely simple interface. The controlling equipment can be connected to a PC. This makes it possible to control more than one drying chamber at the same time.


Water heaters ALCU 2200

Water heaters are built into a directional channel in front of the fans. They are made of copper pipes with aluminium lamellas. They enable an excellent passage of heat and are resistable against corrosion.


WW2, dVIEW, Scada computer program

The computer program for wood drying allows for control of up to 32 drying chambers or other measuring units used for drying or thermal treatment of wood. The program automatically archives all measured parameters and stores the data in the form of a numeric and graphic format.


Fan V 500 and V 800

Axial fans with a direct drive are built in. Extremely difficult conditions occurring by wood drying and caused by the surroundings demand special drive motors and a high quality production of casing and of the fan propeller. A special profile of the wing provides a 100% reversible operation, which is exceptionally important for high quality drying of all kinds of wood.


Air flaps with AL channels

They are made of cast aluminium which enables them a long life period and a high mechanical resistance. They are fixed to the ceiling or to one of the walls of the drying chamber.


Electro cabinet with authomatic controlling

The electric cabinet is designed as a well-closed enclosure, where all the elements for regulation, protection and proper operation of electric motors, fans and other electric dryers are installed.


Drizzling openings water the air

Moisturing is carried out by combining cold water and compressed air which provides an extremely accurate and high quality regulation of air humidity.



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