Wood moisture meters

Moisture meters are professional instruments that enable precise measurement of moisture in wood and other materials.

LG 6 NG contact wood moisture meter

Moisture meter LG6NG provides accurate measurements of 7 different sorts of wood according to their specific weight. It enables a fast and a depth reading of the wood being measured. A positive feature of this moisture meter is that at the time of measuring it doesn't damage the wood.


Moistest 1 contact wood moisture meter

This meter has a built in microprocessor and provides accurate measurement of seven different sorts of wood and of five sorts of building materials. It is suitable for frequent measurements because it has the possibility of setting the upper and the lower alarm.


LG 43 N needle wood moisture meter

This meter has a built-in microprocessor for an automatic compensation of moisture measurements in the wood as well as in other materials.It is suitable for measurements of wood in the cases when we have to know a very precise disposal of moisture in the measured sample.



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