Condensational wood drying kiln

The basic device is a condensational electrical generator set, that can be placed in a drying chamber or outside the drying chamber.

The saturated air coming from the kiln is cooled to under the saturating temperature. In this way some of the air moisture flows away in the form of a condensed liquid. The air is dried, heated once again and as such retuned into the chamber. A condensational kiln is simpler than the conventional one and it uses less energy. However, the wood drying is slower and it takes more time than in a classical kiln. The drying facility can be either built of bricks or completely made out of AL.


Assembled design

The drying chamber is designed as an assembled chamber  made of a Aluminium  frame and Aluminium  insulation panels.

The outer and inner sheets are assembled in such a way that no heat bridges in the insulating plates, or between the panels and the frame, occur. This prevents the heating of the dryer surface or the transfer of heat out the drying room.

All construction of the chamber is made and ready for installation on the prepared foundation. When installing the dryer, the components are tightly sealed together with a special silicone kit, which is resistant to the effects of temperature, acid and moisture.

Build construction

The walls of the dryer are built with bricks and are insulated with 5 cm thick panel plates.

The interior of the building is interfered with concrete mortar without added lime. The walls are stained and painted with a special color that is resistant to temperature, acids and moisture that are created during the drying process of wood. The construction of the intermediate ceiling, fans and heaters is attached to the building.


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